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  • PSTN FAQ's
  • ADSL FAQ's


How do I activate call features?
What is the call quality like?
What is the difference between the If Telecom Home Phone services and the phone service I have now?
Can If Telecom provide me with more than one line if I need it?
How long will it take to switch over to the If Telecom Home Phone service?
How much does line rental cost?
Can I get one bill for both Internet and Home Phone?
Will my Home Phone service be on a contract?
I rented a handset from Telstra, will I now be paying If Telecom for that?
Can I keep my fax duet?
Do I have to be an Internet customer to sign up for the If Telecom Home Phone service?
Is your Home Phone service available everywhere in Australia?
Will I need to notify my current provider?
What do I get if I bundle?
I have a noisy phone line, what can I do to fix it?
My calls are dropping out, what could be causing it?
I have no dial tone but it was working previously, my ADSL is still working fine, please help!
I have no dial tone or ADSL service at the moment, what's wrong?
I can make calls but can't receive them/I can receive calls but can't make them?
How do I request a new phone feature?
My landline has a different number all of a sudden. What should I do before contacting support?
If I transfer over to If Telecom, can I keep my current number?
What if I move house?
I don't understand my phone bill, who can I talk to?
What is CSG?
I asked for a silent number, why can people still see my number when I call them?
I'm getting nuisance calls, what should I do?
I want to change my phone plan, how can I do this?


My ADSL drops out when the phone rings - why?
My phone line is noisy when my ADSL is in use - how can I improve that?
Does other activity on my ADSL service affect my download and/or upload rates?
Can my ADSL device actually get slower over time?
Can software on my PC affect my transfer rate?
I'm having trouble setting up my wireless network. Can you help me with this?
I've got an alarm system and/or Foxtel digital running through my phone line. Can this affect my DSL?
What sort of usage counts towards my data cap?
Windows is saying "Network Cable Unplugged". Why?
Windows is saying "Limited or no connectivity". Why?
I have made changes to my phone service and now my ADSL does not work. Why?
What is a RIM and Pair Gain System?
If I use my own ADSL device, what do I need to configure in order to use ADSL?
What speeds should I expect from ADSL?
Do I need to use line filters?
What is a 'Power Cycle'?
What is an 'Isolation Test'?
Should I use USB or Ethernet?
I can't retrieve emails or browse any websites! What's wrong?
My internet seems slow, is there anything I can do which may increase its speed?
My ADSL has stopped working / is disconnecting, how can I fix it?

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