Phone Features and Charges

Be a valued customer and not just a number

There are many great phone features available; Message Bank, Caller-ID, Call Control, Silent numbers and more. See the full list below for details and charges of all the phone features available with IF Telecom.

Phone Features and Charges Price (Inc GST)
Business Links$8.80
Calling Line Identification Presentation$5.50
Calling Number Display$6.50
Customer loop metering$4.54
Easycall Abbreviated Dialling$3.30
Easycall Abbreviated Dialling 60 Number Extension$2.86
Easycall Call Control$4.00
Easycall Call Forward Selected Callers$2.20
Easycall Call Forward Set the Time$3.30
Easycall Delayed Hotline$3.30
Easycall Multiple Number$6.00
Easycall Remote Access$2.20
Easycall Smart Ring$4.40
FaxBank Mailbox$5.50
Faxstream Never Busy Service$5.50
Fax Duet monthly Rental$9.00
ISDN Line Hunt - cyclic - Directory Number$2.30
Line hunt (Per line)$4.00
Line Hunt Connection Fee$46.20
Line Hunt Moves/Changes$46.20
Line Hunt - Call Circulate$3.25
Malicious call trace$5.50
Message Bank$6.50
Virtual Messagebank$7.50
Number Held for Call Diversion$24.95
Number Redirection-ongoing$24.95
Number Reservation$9.61
Silent Number$2.93
Silent Line non business$4.99
Telephone number change$37.40

Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability is available as an option for customers changing their phone company who want to keep their existing telephone number. This process is known as porting.

You agree to pay us an administrative charge if you wish to port your local number:

Local Number Portability administrative chargeGST incl.
Per number (simple port)$8.00
Analogue Indial Numbers
- first batch (up to 100 numbers)
- each additional 100 numbers (or part thereof)

FaxStream, MSN (Multiple Service Number)
- first batch (up to 2 numbers)
- each additional number

Centel Plus, Linehunt
- first batch (up to 5 numbers)
- each additional number


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